Manitoba Master Angler Walleye & Pickerel Fish

Published: 27th August 2009
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Originally Walleyes and Walleye fish were found only in a relatively small across Canada and South to Alabama.

Now due to the fame of this fantastic fish , that with restocking efforts they can be found across most of the USA and Canada and even internationally.

Walleye fish are sure a temperamental species. At a moments notice they may lunge for the bait or lure, yet for the remainder of the week or fishing trip with your buddies they may be downright impossible to land. It is almost as they are evading those ever persistent sportsmen - those fisherman and anglers who are patiently waiting out on the water on the shorelines waiting to "get them"

First things first. Experienced Walleye and Pickerel sportsmen know full well form experience that Walleyes are spooked by sound. . Run deep. Run silent. It's never a good idea to have party on board your fishing boat with heavy metal blaring from boom boxes. It is generally held in the sport that if fishing in water where the Walleyes are in ten feet or less water depth , that it pays off , in turns of landing those big Pickeral monsters , to anchor your craft a and then simply cast to these loved ones. If you are trolling for Walleye take the time ,care and extra effort to use a whisper quiet electric trolling motor , powered by batteries. Take the well found advice and experience and trusted experiences of expert ice fisherman who know full well to avoid drilling or chopping holes in the ice during peak fishing periods for Walleye. Ice fishing aficionados know full well that the sound of an auger or chisel will most certainly drive fish off and away from their known and unknown feeding reefs and haunts.

What of smell and odor? While it is true that laboratory tests have shown that fish can detect extremely dilute odors, in this case the sense of smell does not seem to have much influence towards walleye and pickerel fishing behaviors. If smell were important then the evidence would be more than obvious when it comes to fishing it low clarity waters where the walleye would not be able to see well enough to feed. However the experience of seasoned walleye fisherman has been that in murky waters that overall live bait does not work as well as artificial lures, when if smell and odor played an important role and roles in fishing strikes then this would be the exact opposite. In murky waters you would expect that, of the sense of smell was of consequence to walleye hits then fishing with live baits would be much more productive than fishing with odor neutral and sterile lures. After extensive research, of trial and error, with these finicky and intelligent species of fish, Walleye, the conclusion and conclusions have been drawn that it is not a matter of odor that matters. The evidence is that in these conditions and situations that artificial lures, especially lures that produce vibrations are what catch those big fish.

The evidence of the most successful Walleye and Pickerel fisherman is that first of there what not to do - avoid noise and the production of loud sounds. On the other side of the surface of the lake are the steps, choices and procedures that a most successful trophy Walleye fisherman should do. It is not the sense of odors that drives trophy sized Walleyes to strike. It is the lateral line sense of these fish that is the most important of all. Shiny , busy lures that wriggle and move with lots of motion are the best and wisest choice overall.

If you want to catch record breaking Walleye be innovative and experiment with lures which produce lots of movement and motions.


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